Patrick Baty

Colour has a fundamental effect on how we experience the world around us.  In nature, colour is already decided for us but in the built environment, colour is one of the most important choices we can make.  Whether in a public building, a palace or a private home colour choice and application dictates much of what we perceive as warmth and welcome or splendour and ceremony.

An expert on the paint and colours of the past four centuries, Patrick Baty works with homeowners, estates, museums, public bodies and institutions, to reinstate interiors of the past, or to create a scheme sympathetic with the aims of a space and its current and future use. Paint analysis is a small and highly specialised field, requiring the combined skills of historian,

detective and analyst.  Among these pages are the stories of many buildings, some thought lost to fire, or ignorance and decay whose history has been recovered and subsequently recreated.  Through paint analysis and the application of 30 years experience in historic interiors, Patrick is able to paint a picture of the past.