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Gwydyr House

The house was situated next to the old Chapel Royal at Whitehall Palace, and was so called after the son of Sir Peter Burrell, the first owner, who became the first Lord Gwydyr in the year 1796.

In 1770 Sir Peter obtained a lease of a piece of “void & useless” ground adjoining the Lamplighter’s Office on which he proposed to build a house. It was begun in 1772 and seems to have been completed by his death in November 1775.

It remained privately owned until 1835 when the house became unoccupied. Between 1838 and 1840 the premises served as temporary accommodation for the Reform Club. Since 1871 Gwydyr House has been used for official purposes. It now houses the Wales Office.

I was commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of the railings.  Very little early paint could be found on the railings of Gwydyr House. However, in spite of the alterations that have been carried out on the building, evidence has survived for over twenty decorative schemes.

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