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Travellers’ Club

Patrick Baty has carried out various colour and paint analytical projects here

The Travellers Club is a gentlemen’s club standing at 106 Pall Mall, London. It is the oldest of the surviving Pall Mall clubs, having been established in 1819. It moved to its present purpose-built clubhouse, designed by Charles Barry, in 1832.

The original concept of the club, by Lord Castlereagh and others, dates from the conclusion of the Napoleonic Wars. They envisaged a club where gentlemen who travelled abroad might meet and offer hospitality to distinguished foreign visitors. The original rules of 1819 excluded from membership anyone

“who has not travelled out of the British islands to a distance of at least five hundred miles from London in a direct line”.

Candidates for membership are still expected to list four of the foreign countries that they have visited before they are considered for election although under current rules any foreign travel is technically sufficient.

I have been commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of several areas during the last twenty years. These include the render on the front and rear elevations and the entrance hall.

Cross section of paint from the facade. Note the use of slag in the second scheme.
Reference to this can be found here.

I have also provided advice on colour in a number of the main rooms and my company Papers and Paints has supplied paint.

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