July, 2012

VC sml
Jul 14th, 2012 | | Patrick's Writing | 33 Comments

Time for a Posthumous V.C. – The Battle of Mirbat

Oman – Mirbat is marked with an 'X' This is another break from my usual run of essays on colour and paint in decoration - a far cry indeed. As several will know, I spent a few years in the Army and have an interest...

9th/12th Lancer Beret Badge
Jul 9th, 2012 | | Patrick's Writing | 14 Comments

The End of an Era?

"Tradition, where it turns its eyes resolutely towards the past with too much insistence on the old and too rigid a dislike of the new, can have a strong effect by discouraging progressive thought and...

Sim Harris escaping from the Iranian Embassy Siege
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13-15 Princes Gate, London

Sim Harris, a hostage, escaping from the Iranian Embassy Siege Here he is seen crossing from No. 16 to No. 17 Princes Gate On 30th April 1980 the five day Iranian Embassy Siege was ended when men from the elite...