Colour Measurement

Patrick pioneered on-site colour measurement many years ago.  Typically he works in two ways:

1) An existing paint can be measured and the colour reproduced. Colours can also be taken from wallpaper, fabric or a large object that cannot be taken in to Papers and Paints to reproduce.

2) The existing decorative scheme can be measured in each room and the colours recorded.

This will enable fast and accurate reproduction when maintenance is required.

Patrick has carried out Colour Surveys in many private houses, Government buildings and London Clubs. A table is produced showing which colours are used on which surfaces and paint can be mixed as and when it is required.

He has also been asked to record existing schemes in case there might be a requirement to reproduce them at a later date. At Syon House the John Fowler scheme of the 1970s was beginning to show signs of age, yet it was universally regarded as a very effective one. While the various options for redecoration were being considered Patrick measured it and has since reused the very sophisticated pale warm greys elsewhere. Perhaps one day they might be reintroduced at Syon.

Patrick also carries out a certain amount of ‘camouflage work’ producing paint to match nearby surfaces or to paint wood to look like stone. He has measured a representative selection of the stone facades in the city of Bath and of Portland stone in London, for example. These have been added to an already enormous collection of readings stored for future use.