The Report

The information obtained from an analysis will be recorded in the form of a report (in PDF format). The length will vary depending on the nature of the project, but will include the following information:

a) A brief synopsis;

b) An introduction giving the aim of the project;

c) A detailed account of what has been found;

d) The findings will be put into context, and cross referrals will be made to previously examined contemporary surfaces that might assist with an understanding of what has been found;

e) Any recommendations;

f) The location of the areas sampled;

g) Photomicrographs of representative cross sections;

h) A list of the cross sections made;

i) Appendices giving further information on the pigments, materials, or techniques that were identified on the project;

j) A list of references, including a bibliography for further reading.

A sample report can be seen here: