White Lodge

A Regency Villa near London

I am frequently asked to assist the new owner of a house in the selection of suitable paint and colours. In this instance it was for an early nineteenth century house to the...

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Cassiobury USA

Cassiobury, Bedford Hills, New York USA

Cassiobury USA Cassiobury was built in 1927 in Bedford Hills, New York on a 24 acre site bordering the Beaver Dam river. The area is known for its tranquil landscapes and...

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Mayshiel Exterior

A Shooting Lodge

This Shooting Lodge, in the north of England, was completed in 2001 to a design by Craig Hamilton, with architectural references from Auchendinny by Sir William Bruce and...

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Scottish Provident Building - Gates

Scottish Provident Building, London

The Scottish Provident Building The Scottish Provident Building, 1-6 Lombard Street, in London, was designed by the architect William Curtis Green in 1912. I was asked to...

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Cassiobury, Hertfordshire

Cassiobury from the Garden “Cassiobury was one of the county’s major architectural losses of the c20.”1 This may seem yet another of my tenuous links – after all,...

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Beverley Market Cross - Wikipedia

Market Cross, Beverley, East Yorkshire

I am frequently asked for advice on the redecoration of historic structures. This may be by local authorities, heritage bodies or residents concerned at intended development...

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Lord Henley's Bridge © http://www.waymarking.com

Lord Henley’s Bridge

Lord Henley's Bridge © http://www.waymarking.com Bridge 69, known as Pulpit or Armchair bridge, is on the Hanslope-Northampton-Rugby Loop Line and was built by the London &...

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Victoria Bridge, Bath 1849

Victoria Bridge, Bath

The Victoria Bridge in 1849 The Victoria Bridge in Bath was designed and constructed in 1836 by local brewer James Dredge to link the Upper Bristol Road and Lower Bristol Road....

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Stowe House, North Hall ceiling

Stowe – North Hall

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) Stowe - North Hall 1921 A Brief History of the North Hall and its Decoration1 The conventional wisdom is that the North...

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Stowe - Blue Room c1870

Stowe – Blue Room

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) The Blue Room in ca.1870 Brief history of the Blue Room and its decoration1 To the east of the Large Library is the...

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Stowe - State Dining Room - Frieze

Stowe – State Dining Room

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) The State Dining Room 1921 Brief history of the State Dining Room and its decoration1 This room is 75 feet by 25 feet (23m...

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Stowe - Drawing Room - Joseph Nash watercolour

Stowe – State Drawing Room

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) The State Drawing Room in 1921 Brief history of the State Drawing Room and its decoration1 From the rebuilding of 1774...

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Stowe - Queen's Temple - Front Elevation

Stowe – Queen’s Temple

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) The Queen's Temple Brief history of the Queen's Temple and its decoration1 The Queen's Temple was originally designed...

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Stowe - Library Ceiling

Stowe – Large Library

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) The Large Library in ca. 1894 Brief history of the Large Library and its decoration1 The Library is 75 feet (23 m) by 25...

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Stowe - Music Room - Grotesques & Arabesques

Stowe – Music Room

(An introduction to Stowe House can be found HERE) The Music Room in 1905 Brief history of the Music Room and its decoration1 The room was built as a pair with the Temple...

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