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Cumberland Market ca.1922
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“Straws from Cumberland Market” (part two)

A brief history of London’s long lost Cumberland Market.1 Cumberland Market - early twentieth century Messrs. J. & A. Crew occupied the left hand of the two tall buildings (See Part One here) Throughout its...

Ethelburga Estate
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Ethelburga Estate, Battersea

Wartime Damage Caused by Bombing – London County Council Bomb Damage Maps 1939-1945 The areas in Black show total destruction; Purple – damaged beyond repair; Dark Red – seriously damaged, doubtful if repairable...

Port of London Authority - Wikipedia
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The Port of London Authority Building

10 Trinity Square building was opened by the Prime Minister David Lloyd George in 1922. This building, which hosted the reception for the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1946,...

Clearing up - William Vandivert. Getty Images
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The Painting of Buildings – HMSO 1946 (4)

Towards the end of 1941 the Minister of Works established a series of committees to investigate and report on the problems likely to be faced in post-war building. ‘The Painting of Buildings Committee’ was...

Roehampton House
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Roehampton House

Roehampton House (West front) - with thanks to St James Roehampton House, in Roehampton, SW London, was built by the architect Thomas Archer in 1710-12 for the London merchant Thomas Cary. Cary had been born in the...

18 St James's Square - Main Facade
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18 St James’s Square, London

King Street Facade - before History1 From 1727 to 1733 the newly built house on this site was occupied by Philip, Earl of Chesterfield, but Thomas Phillips retained the freehold until February 1733/4 when,...

Patrick Baty was asked to advise on the decoration of the lending hall and the main stairs
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London Library

The London Library is the world's largest independent lending library. It was founded in 1841 by by a group of men who included Thomas Carlyle, who was dissatisfied with some of the policies at the British Library....

Patrick Baty was commissioned to carry out an investigation of the decorative schemes applied in various rooms
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Monkenholt, Hadley Green

The house apparently dates from 1767. During the 1920s it was the childhood home of Dame Cicely Saunders (née Strode), the founder of the hospice movement. After the Second World War William Booth of the Gin...

Carlton Club
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The Carlton Club

The Carlton Club was founded in 1832 and has occupied its present premises at 69 St James's Street since 1940.1 The existing building was designed by Thomas Hopper in 1826-27 and occupied by Arthur’s Club for...