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Duresco Colour Card
Nov 7th, 2011 | | Colour Ranges | Paint Technical | 14 Comments

Duresco – King of Water Paints

Duresco - the King of Water Paints "DURESCO on your Walls will bring DIGNITY, FRESHNESS and BEAUTY to your Home". At the very beginning of the twentieth century it was announced that: The Guildhall, London...

British Standard Camouflage Colours 1
Oct 5th, 2011 | | Colour Ranges | 37 Comments

Wartime Camouflage Colours

BS987C: 1942 - Camouflage Colours (1) This is a 'toe-in-the-water' blog. By that I mean that it makes no claim to be a definitive study of British camouflage colours of World War II, merely a distillation of my...

Thomas Parsons' 'Parlyte' Water Paint samples 2
Jun 3rd, 2011 | | Colour Ranges | Paint Technical | 2 Comments

Parsons’ Decorative Finishes (9) – Water Paint

Parlyte' Water Paint Samples - Page One A previous post has already introduced the subject of a most useful work that was published in the 1930s - Parsons' Decorative Finishes. Subsequently I have used it as a...

Patrick Baty carried out the paint analysis in this building
Dec 7th, 2010 | | Commercial premises | No Comments

Commercial Rooms, Bristol

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol were built in 1810 by Charles Busby (an architect who had done much work in Brighton and Hove). Originally it housed a club for mercantile interests and during the mid-19th century...

May 10th, 2009 | | Paint Technical | 30 Comments

The Problem with "Distemper"

Having been involved with Historical and Traditional colours for many years, we are frequently asked for advice on traditional paint.Every day my team and I at Papers and Paints see confusion amongst members...