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15 St James's Square © Patrick Baty
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Lichfield House, 15 St James’s Square

A house was built on the site by 1676. In April 1748 it was bought by Admiral Lord Anson from the Earl of Clarendon (who went on to purchase The Grove). In November 1751 Matthew Brettingham, senior, surveyed the...

Patrick Baty was commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of the interior
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St. John’s, Hyde Park

The development of the “Paddington Estate” in the early years of the nineteenth century led to the creation of a new parish. In 1826 the Reverend Dr Crane applied to the Church Commissioners to build a chapel. ...

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Great Conservatory, Syon House

The 3rd Duke of Northumberland commissioned Charles Fowler to build a new conservatory in 1826, the first of its kind to be built out of gunmetal, Bath stone and glass.  I was commissioned to carry out the paint...