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Witanhurst from the street
Oct 5th, 2014 | | Portfolio | Private Houses | Residences | 3 Comments


Witanhurst - Marcus Cooper Group Witanhurst is an early twentieth century Georgian Revival mansion located on five acres (20,000 m²) in Highgate, North London. It commands some of the best views in London and is...

76 Dean Street 1945
May 5th, 2014 | | Commercial premises | Portfolio | 3 Comments

76 Dean Street, Soho

Staircase wall paintings in 1945 76 Dean Street is recorded as having been built by Thomas Richmond ca.1730. The first occupant entered in the parish ratebooks was James Hamilton, 7th Earl of Abercorn,1 a Fellow of...

Shoreditch Town Hall
Mar 24th, 2014 | | Commercial premises | Portfolio | No Comments

Shoreditch Town Hall

The existing Town Hall was built in three distinct phases. The Municipal Reform Act of 1835 was the impetus for the first wave of town hall buildings in the provinces. At a stroke it created 178 municipal...

Studios - South Edwardes Square
Jun 8th, 2013 | | Portfolio | Private Houses | Residences | 12 Comments

Edwardes Square Studios, South Edwardes Square, Kensington

Edwardes Square, in Kensington, was built between 1811 and 1819. By 1820 the garden was designed by Agostino Aglio, an Italian artist, with guidance from the Royal Horticultural Society. Agostino Aglio The...

Port of London Authority - Wikipedia
Apr 14th, 2013 | | Commercial premises | Portfolio | No Comments

The Port of London Authority Building

10 Trinity Square building was opened by the Prime Minister David Lloyd George in 1922. This building, which hosted the reception for the inaugural meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1946,...

Scottish Provident Building - Gates
Apr 3rd, 2013 | | Commercial premises | Portfolio | No Comments

Scottish Provident Building, London

The Scottish Provident Building The Scottish Provident Building, 1-6 Lombard Street, in London, was designed by the architect William Curtis Green in 1912. I was asked to examine the curved gates on the corner...

21 & 20 St James's Square
Nov 20th, 2012 | | Commercial premises | Portfolio | 10 Comments

20 St James’s Square, London

21 & 20 St James's Square Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn 4th Bart. (1749-89) succeeded his father when only five months old. Unlike his predecessors he concentrated more on the arts – architecture, painting, the theatre...

Albert Hall Mansions
Oct 5th, 2012 | | Portfolio | Private Houses | Residences | No Comments

Albert Hall Mansions

Albert Hall Mansions In 1872–73 the 1851 Exhibition Commissioners decided to take advantage of a buoyant market to lease parts of their estate for private building. Their first attention was given to the...

Connaught Square
Oct 1st, 2012 | | Portfolio | Private Houses | Residences | No Comments

Connaught Square, London

Typical Houses in Connaught Square This area of Hyde Park has remained in the hands of the church since the medieval period and originally covered around 500 acres, including the entire area from Marble Arch to...

88 St James's Street
Sep 24th, 2012 | | Commercial premises | Portfolio | No Comments

88 St James’s Street

No. 88 St James’s Street built for the Alliance Assurance Company in 1904-5, is amongst a small group of London buildings designed by Richard Norman Shaw (1831-1912) towards the end of his career, but at a time...

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