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Sarsden House - credit James Kerr http://www.jameskerr.co.uk/
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Sarsden House, Oxfordshire

Sarsden House from the NE - credit James Kerr Sarsden House, near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, was rebuilt by William Walter in 1689 after a major fire. In 1792 James Langston inherited the house and commissioned...

Patrick Baty was asked to give advice on the use of paint colour in this 17th century manor house
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Burford Priory

Burford Priory stands on the site of a 13th century Augustinian hospital. In the 1580s an Elizabethan house was built incorporating remnants of the priory hospital. In the 17th century it was remodelled in Jacobean...

Patrick Baty has carried out an analysis of the paint on the exteriors of many of the buildings on this site in order to learn about its wartime appearance
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RAF Bicester

RAF Bicester was established in 1918. From 1918-1920 it was a three squadron training depot. It was closed from March 1920-January 1928 before becoming a one squadron bomber station. From 1939 until 1944 it...