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Brooks’ Club

Patrick Baty has worked on the paints and colours at Brooks's for many years

Brooks’s Club is one of London’s most exclusive gentleman’s clubs that was founded in 1764 by 27 men, including four dukes. From its inception, it was the meeting place for Whigs of the highest social order. Its club house in St James’s Street was designed by Henry Holland in 1778.

Its primary purpose was originally to provide a home away from home for the gentleman of the time, who was normally not at all domestic. At Brooks’s he could meet his friends (and avoid his and others’ ladies) at any time of the day or night. The club provided substantial but ordinary meals, to the point that complaints about the everlasting sameness led to the founding of Watier’s in 1806.

I have been employed here for nearly twenty years to advise on paint and colour matters. During that time I have carried out a colour survey using a portable spectrophotometer and is able to match existing colours to enable seamless maintenance. My company Papers and Paints has been providing paints for many years.

I carry out projects of many different types in my work with paint and colour. See a slideshow of some recent ones:

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