Private Homes

No 1 Maid's of Honour Row

Maids of Honour Row, Richmond

Maids of Honour Row is ‘an excellent, entirely uniform, terrace’ of four three story houses each five windows wide with a parapet hiding the roof. They have distinctive...

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Great Fulford

Great Fulford

Great Fulford has been the home of the Fulford family for over 800 years. The history of England is reflected in the story of the family. The careful building up of their...

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13 Bedford Row, Bloomsbury. Patrick worked with the developers of this 18th century house

13 Bedford Row, Bloomsbury

Bedford Row, which lies between Red Lion Street and Gray's Inn, is a broad thoroughfare of the early eighteenth century. It does not derive its name, as might be imagined,...

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Sulby Park Door - Patrick Baty carried out the paint analysis of this Soane-designed complex of buildings

Sulby Park Farm, Northamptonshire

In 1792 Rene Payne of Welford employed Sir John Soane to design a house on land in the Parish of Sulby. The house, built in the Palladian style in 1793-95, was of two storeys...

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Patrick Baty was asked for advice on the paint colours appropriate for this 18th century house

Petersham, Surrey

I was employed to devise a schedule of appropriate paint colours for this 18th century house in Petersham and my company Papers and Paints mixed colours specially for the...

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Patrick Baty investigated the paint in the 17th century part of the house

Pool Orchard, near Coventry

I was asked to carry out an investigation of the paint on the black-painted interior beams of this house near Coventry. It is composed of elements built at different...

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Patrick Baty advised on the decoration at Boxted House

Boxted House, Essex

I could scarcely believe it when I received a telephone call from the new owners of Boxted House asking for assistance in the selection of paint colours. The house had...

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Patrick Baty has been commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of various elements. He has also advised on paint colour

Hertford Street, Mayfair

The house is believed to have been completed shortly after 1768 by a bricklayer, Henry Holland and his architect son, also Henry. The first leaseholder was General John...

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Patrick Baty was commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of the entrance hall in this late 18th century Dublin town house

50 North Great George’s Street, Dublin

North Great George's Street is one of the finest examples (apart from Henrietta Street) of a complete Georgian avenue. It was originally built as the focus to Belvedere...

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