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Victoria Bridge, Bath 1849
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Victoria Bridge, Bath

The Victoria Bridge in 1849 The Victoria Bridge in Bath was designed and constructed in 1836 by local brewer James Dredge to link the Upper Bristol Road and Lower Bristol Road. He wanted to be able to carry beer...

Entrance Hall - Roehampton House
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Stone Colour

Entrance Hall - Roehampton House A recent project reminded me of an important point that one is frequently faced with when examining eighteenth century houses. It is something that often causes surprise especially...

Patrick Baty was employed to carry out an analysis of the decorative schemes in the Reception Hall of the Roman Baths
Dec 12th, 2010 | | Commercial premises | 3 Comments

Roman Baths, Bath

The reception hall at the Roman Baths and Pump Room site was completed in 1897 as a concert hall extension to the Pump Room. The extension was part of a larger programme of works which was designed to develop the...

Patrick Baty was commissioned to investigate a number of exteriors in Bath
Dec 9th, 2010 | | Exterior | Portfolio | 3 Comments

City of Bath exteriors

I was commissioned to carry out an analysis of the paint on a number of buildings in the City. The purpose was to establish the decorative history of representative doors, windows and railings and to see whether...

Charlotte Square, Edinburgh
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The National Trust for Scotland – Former Headquarters

Numbers 26-31 Charlotte Square, in Edinburgh, and the mews buildings behind were designed by Robert Adam in 1792 and built between 1805-1820. In 1996 Simpson & Brown was commissioned to restore and adapt these...