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1931 South Front
Jul 11th, 2016 | | Portfolio | Private Houses | Residences | 2 Comments

Trent Park (part two)

Trent Park in 1903 (this is the south front, in spite of the label). Country Life, February 21st (Continued from part one) In 1909, just a few years after carrying out major work on Trent Park, Francis Augustus...

The South Front 1903
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Trent Park (part one)

'Trent Place. Near Southgate, The Seat of Wigston Esq.', 1808. On two occasions so far I have been asked to work on houses with strong connections with my family. The first time was a charming Regency house in...

Karlowska by Harold Gilman
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Stanislawa de Karlowska (part 2)

Robert Polhill Bevan. The Gate at Wszeliwy. This shows Stanisława, a few months after the birth of Bobby, with her three-year-old daughter Halszka at her parent's house In March 1901, not long after moving into...

SdeK in smock
Mar 6th, 2016 | | Patrick's Writing | 2 Comments

Stanislawa de Karlowska (part 1)

Stanisława de Karłowska Stanisława de Karłowska (8 May 1876 - 9 December 1952), the Polish-born artist, was the daughter of Aleksander Prawdzic Karłowski and Paulina z Tuchołków. Her...

Patrick Baty advised on the decoration at Boxted House
Dec 12th, 2010 | | Private Houses | 4 Comments

Boxted House, Essex

I could scarcely believe it when I received a telephone call from the new owners of Boxted House asking for assistance in the selection of paint colours. The house had previously belonged to my great uncle, Bobby...

Patrick Baty has helped the Regency Town House Museum for many years
Dec 8th, 2010 | | Conservation | Museums | Organisations | Portfolio | No Comments

Brunswick Square, Hove

Over the years I have been assisting the Regency Town House with matters concerning paint and colour. On a personal level I have also lent the curatorial team a collection of family letters from 1824-1870, many of...

Patrick was employed to produce a schedule of paint colours and finishes for this Elizabethan house
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Cuckfield Park, Sussex

This was another project with family connections for me. Members of my father's family had spent a lot of time here in the nineteenth century as they lived at nearby Horsgate. I was able to show my clients...

Cafe Royal
Nov 26th, 2010 | | Commercial premises | 3 Comments

Cafe Royal

The Grill Room - Restored The Cafe Royal was a restaurant and meeting place originally conceived and set up by Daniel Nicholas Thévenon, who was a French wine merchant. He had to flee France due to bankruptcy,...

Christ Church, Oxford
Nov 25th, 2010 | | School and Universities | No Comments

Christ Church, Oxford

I was commissioned to carry out the paint analysis of a number of areas in Peckwater Quad in Oxford's Christ Church. Curiously, I found myself sampling the doors of the rooms once occupied by my father in the...