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CW Antiques Forum Programme Cover
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65th Colonial Williamsburg Antiques Forum

What’s Old is New Again: Celebrating Antiques in America February 22nd–26th 2013 I made my first visit to Colonial Williamsburg (or CW as it is known) in 1994 to attend the conference on Painted Wood: History...

Charleston Art & Antiques Forum
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Charleston Art & Antiques Forum 2012

Billed as America's Premier Lecture Series, The Charleston Art & Antiques Forum for 2012 was held in the Old Courtroom at the Confederate Home and College at 23 Chalmers Street, Charleston, South Carolina, between...

Patrick Baty worked with Susan Buck on the Simmons-Edwards House at 14 Legare Street in Charleston, South Carolina
Dec 9th, 2010 | | Portfolio | Private Houses | Residences | No Comments

14 Legare Street, Charleston

I was employed to work alongside Susan Buck the American paint analyst on the analysis of the paint in the early 19th century Simmons-Edwards House (the famous Pineapple Gates House) at 14 Legare Street in...

Patrick Baty has advised on paint and colour issues in the Nathaniel Russell House in Charleston, South Carolina
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Nathaniel Russell House, Charleston

I have carried out work in Charleston, South Carolina, on several occasions. On one visit I was asked for advice on paint analysis and colours in the Nathaniel Russell House. It belonged to Nathaniel...