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Painting of Buildings 1946 edn
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The Painting of Buildings – HMSO 1946 (3)

Part I - The General Nature of Paints Towards the end of 1941 the Minister of Works established a series of committees to investigate and report on the problems likely to be faced in post-war building. ‘The...

Lead Paint - Thorpe Hall
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On the Restrictions on the Use of Lead Paint

A Comment on the Supposed Benefits of Lead Paint by Patrick Baty This article was originally published as "Comment." in Country Life, 30th April 1992: 44. Papers and Paints can be found here: View Larger...

White Lead
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White Lead

White lead, or lead carbonate,1 is the pigment that formed the basis of most oil paints used in the decoration of houses until comparatively recently. When combined with linseed oil it forms a lead soap2 which...

John Smith's The Art of Painting in Oyl
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The Art of Painting in Oyl (1)

John Smith's The Art of Painting in Oyl may perhaps lay claim to being the first house-painting manual in the English language. At least that was the conclusion that I reached after a lengthy analysis of...